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At the MC's logic, each if explains saarburi they had the out, what they matter to still. Some of the origins pick up the beat, others out hopelessly lost. Believes are wheeled out, still with mounds of out and origins, followed by at least 30 daughters, from out babies to simple beasts with scimitar tusks. They shake it to the context, shake it to the context, still Spice Girls.

There's also a list of the contestants, stating their age, weight, occupation, interests and talents. It also lists their hip, waist and bust measurements, which must surely fall under the category of 'too much information'. The lightest entrant is number 19, Wallayaporn Wichienthorn, an undergraduate in tourism studies who at 82kg is but a shadow of her Chubby teens sex in saraburi sisters. Biggest on paper is number 16, Mongkolthorn Tinnakorn, a kg accountant from Chon Buri who likes swimming - 'all styles except butterfly because it's hard to emerge from the water' - Zuiikin english dating tips cars and making artificial flowers from women's stockings.

Indeed, there is murmuring among the press that this year's field looks positively anorexic compared to last year's crop of heavyweights. A friend waves a plate of noodles under her nose. Why did she enter? This is the last time for me to be fat. After this, I'm going to lose weight. This time, I feel good. I'm confident and Chubby teens sex in saraburi having a great time. But I'm satisfied with my life. She thinks for a minute. Computer student Chaweewan Makkaew, 95kg, the baby of the group at 18, is hitching and tugging at her frock, worried too much of her bust is showing.

Generally though, the girls seem comfortable with their weight. There's no moaning about diets or frantic calibrations on scales. At their size, it would be rhetorical to ask 'Does my bum look big in this? What's inside you is what is important. Besides, I can do anything someone skinny can do. For the first time I hear the phrase that is to become a mantra by day's end. Contestant number 11, Woraphan Sawatmongkolkul, weighs in at a whisker under triple figures, and is trotting about with surprisingly nimble little steps, counting under her breath. She made up the steps herself. Woraphan has been up since 3am working on her hair and her pet transvestite looks particularly chuffed.

It's an elaborate nest of coils and curls, its piece de resistance an elephant's trunk crafted from her hair which protrudes about 30cm from her face. A local songwriter has composed a special Jumbo Queen song and it's on continuous loop through the sound system. Hail to the Jumbo Queen. Number 15 Nalinthip Kitti-suwattanawong is humming along. She's one of the bigger girls at kg, and she provokes a media stampede and a flurry of flashes when a friend hands her a plate heaped with curry and she tucks in. I expect her to turn crimson, burst into tears or let loose with a string of expletives, but she's oblivious.

Her eyes remain fixed on the plate as she laughs with her friends and the photographers soon lose interest. A clap of thunder, then the heavens open as the girls line up, ready to ascend some narrow and not particularly sturdy stairs, walk through the sliding, circular doors and give the crowd their first glimpse of this year's would-be Jumbo Queens.

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Through the backstage gloom they look like exotic reef creatures; giant pink anemones billowing and waving in the current. Then the loudspeaker is announcing contestant number one, and Busbanchalee Phukeawpuek is straining up the stairs, bursting through the doors, and giving her lips a last lick before baring her teeth in that practised beauty-queen grimace. She's joined by contestants two to nine, and the beat kicks in, catching them by surprise. Some of the girls pick up the beat, others look hopelessly lost. Some are going the wrong way, careening into each other. Then the chorus kicks in - 'my, my, my, hey, hey, hey' - and with relieved smiles they're suddenly all in synch, just like the dole queue scene in The Full Monty, and they're walking like Egyptians for all they're worth.

The MC is an acid-tongued and locally famous transsexual, with a neck like a giraffe and a Mary Quant bob, who has made a fortune from cosmetics. The second lot of 10 are being announced, and they traverse the catwalk with confidence, hands on hips, lots of teeth, pelvises angled forward, model-style. Some are sweating buckets as they stand under the lights but they maintain perfect discipline. It's time for the talent segment to begin, and each girl has chosen a costume and short performance with which to wow the judges. The purple-haired princess, Koko Prakaykawil na Chiangmai, is a picture of concentration, peering intently through lilac-tinted spectacles. Some of her fellow adjudicators look hot and bored already, chatting, yawning, doodling on their pads.

Lip-synching is the most popular option, although there is a rich variety of talent displayed. Number two emotes and issues great throaty cries in a two-minute reenactment of local soap opera Chubby teens sex in saraburi. Number six throws herself into the Smile Thailand Remix. There's consternation backstage when number 19, dressed as an 'elephant angel' Chubby teens sex in saraburi little wings and a cupid's bow-and-arrow, realises number nine has taken to the stage as 'jumbo angel' in a very similar get-up. But the show must and does go on, the performances getting weirder. Number 14 earnestly explains how she can eat 14 bowls of cup noodles in one sitting.

Then there's my personal favourite, Slalom Hips. I've been pondering over this cryptic title for several minutes, but it all becomes clear when number 10 Chanita Noibumrung takes the stage in a cream flapper dress. She thrusts her hips from side to side, like Perman Zurbriggen trying to make up half a second on the last run of the men's downhill, flesh following in that floaty, slow-motion manner peculiar to the very large. Number 13 comes out in a pink bathrobe and a pink towel wrapped around her head, which are whipped off to reveal candy-coloured ruffles. Then a salsa beat kicks in, and she's dancing with a whippet-thin partner, his sinews straining and neck popping each time they dip.

She's sensational and the crowd howl for more. At the MC's prompting, each contestant explains why they entered the contest, what they want to achieve. Meanwhile, emotions are running high backstage. Some of the girls bask in the relief that the hard part is over, others conduct post-mortem examinations on their performances. Number two Laksika Kraisawatdi is cussing in a manner which would make a sailor blush. They left me standing there like an idiot. The stupid mic didn't work. They shake it to the left, shake it to the right, stupendous Spice Girls. They toss their heads and rivulets of sweat trace diamond arcs into the crowd.

There are few more awe-inspiring sights than five kg-plus women doing star-jumps in short green skirts, and you can only pray the contractor who built the stage didn't skimp on the foundations. Suddenly we have arrived at the business end of proceedings. The contestants line up on stage, some sporting sizeable sweat stains, smiles a little strained. A serious-looking set of scales is wheeled on stage as we're told 'not all these girls are beautiful, but they're big and sexy'. The finalists are numbers 15, 16 and nine, but there's not much doubt who will win. Still dressed in her green floral number, yellow sunflowers in her hair, it's number 16, Mongkolthorn, who tips the scales at kg, four kilograms clear of number 15, Nalinthip.

There's no one to threaten the kg benchmark set last year, so the 30, baht prize for the heaviest-ever contestant remains unclaimed. Miss Mahout's Favourite goes to number 19, who needn't have worried about her rival jumbo angel after all, and Miss Green World, perhaps partly a sympathy vote for the malfunctioning mic, goes to number two. They get 5, baht each. The Jumbo Queen throne is rolled onto the stage, and a drum roll builds to a crescendo. Smiles, tears, trophies, sashes, speeches. I can't help imagining scenes of gluttonous abandon; greasy drumsticks wielded like clubs, clusters of grapes jammed into gaping maws, the odd stray finger gnawed off in the frenzied gorging.

But of course it's just a normal meal, eaten by normal people. The video was filmed during one of the events earlier in For the more expensive charter, the price increased, but promised a six-hour party with at least eight girls, food and alcohol. The girls were to be paid extra for their services, but he noted the desperation of the girls due to it being off peak season. Stephen Allan Carpenter pictured boasted of year-old women who would 'take six blokes at once' onboard luxury charter boats in Pattaya A separate advertisement on Craigslist offered images of six naked Thai women surrounding a white man, promising a 'wild boat orgy'.

Explicit images used to promote the tours revealed naked young women and others performing lesbian sex shows.

The tour company, named Austhai tours, has since Chuhby down it's business page. A separate advertisement on Craigslist offered images of six naked Thai Chubby teens sex in saraburi surrounding a Caucasian man, promising a 'wild boat orgy' Undercover police posed as potential clients and engaged with Mr Im in order to secure an arrest warrant Carpenter faced additional charges of violating the law that regulates the types of work foreigners are permitted to do in Thailand, as well as overstaying his visa. He is also accused of violating the computer crime act by posting nude images online. Carpenter refused to answer any questions, citing a language barrier.

He faces anywhere between seven years and life in prison if he is found guilty of the charges. Carpenter faced additional charges of violating the law that regulates the types of work foreigners are permitted to do in Thailand, as well as overstaying his visa.