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Do Eatt let the believes matter until the trunk origins the desired diameter then cut it off to the none height or do I keep the context trimmed to the desired simple. You find this ad and you it whether or not you should ward. Olive Runyon, Princeton A few are sprigs are carnal out though.

Their Alton residence has been at Brown St. Remember to mark any Pissy heart vlub may want to transplant as they soon will disappear. Chris Doll, who is fruit and vegetable adviser for southwestern Illinois, says now 1 is the time to get the strawberry patch ready for next year. Get I want to eat some club pussy in jalapa plants in rows so they can be cultivated and unneeded plants hoed out, then feed with a balanced fertilizer. Let's hope we have a late fall so their crops get a chance to mature. If any reader really knows birds rare for this area please give me a call. Will you tell me what kind of flower the enclosed sample Is? Enclosed flower is from a double flowering Deutzia. An old-time shrub which should be used more often.

No doubt your plant is quite large and would benefit by some trimming as soon as it is done blooming. What kind of flower, enclosed, is this?

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The flower is Four O'clock. FloW- ers open late afternoon and close late morning. Comes t different colors, also striped. Annual as a rule but perennial in protected places such as close to a house foundation. I jlaapa wondering if it is too late to plant melons and watermelons. Also, what causes mold and pussu on zinnias? It wasn't caused from watering as I never watered my zinnias. I would say it is Marriage Is Announced Mr. Ray Nelson Robinson, son of Mr. Nelson Robinson of Medora. Whitmire of Berwick, and Paul Gustine, son of Mr. Lancaster, and received friends afterwards in the home of the bride's parents.

The bride wore a silk organza over taffeta gown with an Aline skirt inset with lace, a mod- Miss Woods WiUSe July Bride ified high rise waistline, and a detachable train. Her tiered illusion veil was held by a cloche hat, and she carried a cascade of white chrysanthemums and stephanotis with a white orchid.

Gustine was his brother's best man. Gustine, were flower girl and ring bearer, Mr. The couple is living in Clarks Summit, Pa. The couple was married in a private ceremony on May 3 in the Whitelaw Avenue Baptist Church, Wood River, before decorations of white gladioli and chrysanthemums. Capron Was the officiating minister, and Miss Rebecca Smith, organist. A reception followed in the Westerner Club. Miss LuAnn Knopp and Mrs. Frank Benefield attended the bride, and William Jacobs and A. Wayne Browning was the usher.

Robinson wore an oyster white faille suit and carried phalaenopsis orchids and lilies of the valley on a Bible. Her attendants wore spring suits and had roses in their corsages. She is a junior there. Gardening with Fred The Grower's Art taking a chance on a late fall Dating a farmer in ireland plant melon seed now. And watermelons take still more time. As for mildew on zinnias now, I would say the plants do not have a sunny and airy place which they prefer.

In the fall we often have mildew, but this can to a certain degree be prevented by spraying or dusting with a fungicide if used as a preventive instead as a cure. Try to dust or spray your plants with Captan or similar fungicide, and with warm, dry weather the symptoms should disappear. Will you tell me the names of the leaves from the houseplants, samples enclosed? The first and second I want to eat some club pussy in jalapa white blooms, and the third has red blooms. Can you tell me where I could buy a yellow Oxalis? All plants are Oxalis, of which there are many kinds. I cannot tell where to buy a yellow one, but look after, them in the new fall catalogs.

Could you tell me what, is eating on this hard maple leaf, sample enclosed? Is it an insect or fungus? Looks like a ,bug or two, had breakfast on Ahe leaves, but certainly it is nothing to worry about if this is the only thing wrong. You can spray with a stomach poison but most likely it will spot the leaves. And it may not stop the bugs even though some may 3, die after eating. I have two sycamore trees about 8 years old in the front yard that are losing their leaves. The remaining leaves aren't as big as usual. Could you tell me what to do? Sycamore trees are affected with a disease called antrachose.

Since they grow to such big size they are hard to spray for the average homeowner. If they are sprayed several times with a fungicide at the time buds break in the spring this damage can be minimized but it takes a big sprayer to do the job. The disease is worst in wet weather. You may not; have any trouble next year. I am enclosing a leaf from our pussy willow. The bush is about three years old and the leaves are becoming covered with these reddish spots. It is on nearly every leaf, and the bush appears to be dying. Is there any type of spray I can use? My mimosa tree is so slow leafing out this year we thought it was dead.

We began noticing all these trees in this vicinity are like this. We wonder if the past winter affected it. Our tree is seven or eight years old. We trimmed some of the bare branches off but it still looks sort of dead. A few green sprigs are coming out though. Spray the, pussy- willow several times with cap- tan. It should check these spots. Coleman of W. Batson, son of Mr. Benjamin Batson of Alben street, at 6 p. Saturday, in the First Congregational Church. Willie Woods of Johnson St. The bride is the daughter of a former AHonian, Mrs. GJilespie, now of Houston, and Mr.

Gutow is the son of Mr. Miss Susan Humphreys was the maid of honor, and the bridegre n m'g sister, Mrs. Mejjnda Lenderman was tne flcww glri. The bride wore an ivory colored gown and veil and carried white flowers, and her attendants wore yellow A'ilne gowns with matching headpieces, and carried yellow and orange flowers. The couple is honeymooning in Mexico City and Acapulco, and will live in Pallas. Joy Mattern was the cellist. A reception in the VFW Hall followed. The bride wore a ribbon lace gown with leg of mutton sleeves and a self train, and her veil was held by a daisy motif. She carried a large bouquet of white daisies.

They wore moss green gowns and carried yellow daisies. Randy Grump was' the best v man, Bob Meyer was groomsman, and. Coleman and Lyle Batson, were ushers, Mrs. Selfish,old, normal. You shut the computer. By now you're drink is finished and you feel tipsy, but in the way that you start feeling frisky. The lights are hazier, but only a little, and the urge to touch your pussy follows every thought you have. You're all you need. You pour yourself another glass and return to the living room. On the couch you sprawl out, stretching your toes and feeling the upholstery on your skin. As you sip, your hand reaches down, trailing past your breasts and into your panties. With wine on your tongue, you slowly massage your clit, nice and slow, being delicate but firm with every motion.

You begin to think about what you want, what you really, really want. You think about how fun it was to be younger, to be in college, to be a professional. You think about having a casual hookup, about being fucked like there's no tomorrow and not because you feel like you have to. You remember what cock feels like. How soft it is to hold, and how hard it feels. How sex can last for hours, and how it feels to be held again. You think of the pool boy you had this summer, how firm his body was. How you could always see his erection through his trunks. You think of the way he looked at you as he left, as if something else should happen but nothing ever did.

You think about what it'd be like to take him into the tool shed and fuck his brains out on the lawn chair you keep for guests. You think about that big, wanting cock filling your pussy as you lower yourself on it.

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